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About Us 

 BACKGROUND:  Being a truck lover my entire life, and being in the pickup truck accessory business for a number of years, we had the privilege of attending a number of truck accessory industry shows that were not open to the public.  We would often marvel at some of the coolest ideas and the greatest product ideas.  However, it would take years before the average consumer never knew they existed!  So, we decided to create an easy to find, informative way to showcase these products to the average truck consumer.

Amazing Truck Accessories proudly appeals to the traditional and proud truck owner who uses their truck and wants the most functional and most usable truck everyday.  WE DO NOT FOCUS ON CUSTOMIZED/STREET ROD type trucks.  Instead, we focus our products to the traditional and proud truck owner who wants the highest quality, most practical products that offer the best value and convenience for the dollar.  We offer products that you would likely never see or locate at their local truck accessory store for many years to come.  We strive to offer a consistently unique line of products and are always looking for new products.  Each of the products showcased on this website are tested and reviewed personally by our staff and we provide every bit of information about that product to you (as you will see unparalleled numbers of pictures, information, etc. about each product).  We continually strive to be the custom truck accessory industry's leading resource of the newest, most innovative, most practical pickup truck accessories available.  Enjoy our website!

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